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Anglais, English traditionnel Bonbons

 You are now able to savour all the delights of Classic English Traditional sweets  and our Fantabulous range of RETRO sweets!  Right here in Limousin, FRANCE!!!

 Anglais  can produce bags/favours for birthday parties & weddings or any special occasions!
Nous pouvons produire des petits sacs pour les anniversaires, mariages etc

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"Gout de bonbons anglais a l'ancienne - desormais disponible ici en Limousin,France"





Our Traditional Range

All of our candies have been carefully selected so you can experience and enjoy all the taste of our Traditional English Sweets.

Many of these recipes were first produced in the seventeen century, using original methods and are traditionally made in copper pans or vats.

 All of our Traditional range are made in England.

 During past-times people used these classic recipes to help endure the long, cold and dreary English winters.

Bonbons anglais sont uniques et plein de saveur. Ces bonbons vous garder belle et au chaud l'hiver long. Les recettes jour siecles en arrier et avant la guerre.

Our RETRO Range

OK now for our RETRO Range of sweets!!

These go as far back as the 70's and include many of the favourites that you grew to know as a child.....

Go back to the Bay City Rollers, T-REX and even the OSMONDS!!   WOW !!!

So go-on and indulge yourself and relive those FAB old days of the Chopper bike and Space Hoppers!!


Essayer cette merveilleuse degustation de bonbons!

Qu'ils feront vibrer, etonner et de capturer vos papilles!!!





Fancy a curry? Can't be bothered to cook one up, then look no further-


They are now available right here in the Limousin France!

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